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Why and How Farmers Can Benefit from Social Media

Why and How Farmers Can Benefit from Social Media


Agriculture. Farming. Social Media. When you hear these together, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think that these have nothing in common. Why would people be talking about farming on Facebook? How can agriculture be trending on Twitter? I thought only my kids were on social media….

In recent years, social media has become a place for farmers and agricultural minds to congregate, share information and collaborate news and happenings with one another and consumers. If there is something to be known regarding agriculture and farming, it can be found on social media. Writers, researchers, knowledge sources, and even farmers themselves are not turning to social media to connect and look for news and information regarding their specialty.

Why Farmers Can Benefit from Social Media

Social media allows farmers to connect with consumers--sharing information that builds knowledge and awareness for their focus and trade. A farmer that grows conventional seed corn (link to seed corn page) may use social media to share images of the progress of their growth during the season. They may also share insights and seed corn news--things that the average person may not know. That same farmer may also use social media to connect with and follow the activity of seed corn researchers to learn more about seed corn advancements for the upcoming season.

How Farmers Can Benefit from Social Media

In a world of evolving technology, social media is allowing for farmers to expand their visibility and build a rapport with immediate and even unexpected stakeholders. Sometimes, consumers often forget that the food on their table is created in thanks to a farmer, and that the clothing they wear also comes from the work of a farmer. Going to social media--the place where today’s culture gathers--farmers are able to speak to the average person and share their efforts and expand awareness for agriculture and what it provides our society. In turn, farmers will also find that they are able to learn of news and happenings maybe even more quickly than they would if they were to pick up the paper in a couple of days. Social media brings news right to our fingertips. Farmers can become more knowledgeable, more quickly--giving them more time to focus on what is really important... their farm and a successful season.

Where Do You Begin?

Social media takes practice. If you were to visit Twitter for the very first time tomorrow, you may find yourself very overwhelmed by the activity and not know where to begin. That’s okay! We encourage you to take to Google and research some social media tactics for beginners--you will be sure to find a great collection of helpful articles.

We hope to see more and more farmers and agriculturalists on social media. Whether you are just beginning your social media adventure or you are a seasoned social media participant, we would be honored to have you follow us on Facebook and Twitter

by David Harden