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The Importance of Reading Herbicide Labels for Glyphosate Tolerant Crops

Reading and interpreting a herbicide label has become increasingly difficult over the past several years as weeds have become more difficult to control in many settings. To combat these difficulties, herbicide manufacturers have been adding other active ingredients to popular products such as Roundup®. This has generated a tremendous amount of confusion and has resulted in injuring or killing products we did not intend to kill.

This is where the importance of taking a close look at your herbicide label comes into play.  When purchasing your herbicide for glyphosate tolerant products, the label should show glyphosate and only glyphosate as the active ingredient.  Diquat dibromide has been commonly added to products labeled as Roundup® to help the glyphosate work more effectively and more quickly.  This can result in crop injury or death when these products are applied once the crop has emerged.  The images below show a sample of a herbicide label that would be acceptable to use on glyphosate tolerant crops as well as a label that shouldn’t be used on glyphosate tolerant crops.

If you ever have a question regarding reading your herbicide label, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experts at Elk Mound Seed.

by David Harden