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The Best Grass Seed to Plant in the Midwest

The Best Grass Seed to Plant in the Midwest


Before planting new grass in the great Midwest, you'll quickly realize that there's quite a bit of research involved before you can make a selection. Why? Well, not all grass is alike and some grass grows better depending on the location or climate. In addition to this, many need to take into consideration such details regarding the characteristics of their property. For example, a shady yard might need more or less care than a yard exposed to full sunlight.

Here are some great grasses we recommend that thrive in the Midwest:

Fine Fescue

Fine fescue is a popular choice in the Midwest. This grass requires less maintenance than most grasses, and it has no problem adjusting to shade. In addition to this, it can handle low pH levels, poor soil quality, and it can tolerate shade. Fine fescue can also tolerate foot traffic and doesn't require a lot of fertilizer. One can simply plant fine fescue by itself, but many mix it with Kentucky Bluegrass.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is for the homeowner who doesn't want to wait forever for a seed to establish. This is one of the many reasons why individuals turn to this seed for their lawns. It has a quick germination window, and it works great when blended with Kentucky Bluegrass. In addition to this, it can tolerate foot traffic as well.

Tall Fescue

When it comes to low maintenance areas, tall fescue is an ideal choice. It can handle diseases, pests, and help soil that has low levels of nutrients. It is capable of germinating quickly, yet it still falls behind perennial ryegrass. To make matters even better, it can tolerate drought and foot traffic.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is known as one of the most that properties used in the Midwest. Between the hardiness and the appealing look, homeowners cannot get enough of it. In addition to this, Kentucky Bluegrass carries the ability to fill in its own damaged areas without the need of the owner reseeding.

However, it should be mentioned that one needs to mow, water, and fertilize the grass because it is high maintenance. This grass can handle a harsh winter, but it will require full sun. If you plan on putting it in an area with shade, mixing it with some fine fescue might do the trick.

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Considering the information above, adding the right grass can do wonders for your yard. Thankfully, Elk Mound Seed carries a wide variety of native Midwestern grasses. Browse our selection today!

by David Harden