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Popular Deer Food Plot Seeds

Popular Deer Food Plot Seeds


Some people devote their time and attention keeping deer away from their plants, but we hunters are always ready to draw deer onto our land each hunting season.

Since there are so many options to draw deer in each year, we have to do a bit of planning ahead of time. So which plants will you have in your food plot this season? Our food plot experts are here to give some advice.

Deer Food Plots

When it comes to food that would appeal to deer, you have to be specific. In the Midwest, deer tend to eat more alfalfa, clover, corn, and soybeans. Other crops that deer can't get enough of are orchard grass, peas, chicory, kale, sorghum, alfalfa, turnips, soybeans, and peas. Even if deer end up missing out on the buffet of food you've planted for them, there's still plenty of great meals that other animals, like turkey, ducks, and geese, might find appealing.

Another food that deer can't get enough of are nutritious nuts. For example: Acorns and chestnuts are a top choice for deer when nearby vegetation is slowly declining.

Do Your Homework

So before you start selecting the food you plan on planting in your plot, you could benefit greatly from local farmers and wildlife experts for additional information regarding the area you plan on planting seeds in.

For example: You'll quickly realize that deer will ignore your plot if you select a food that is abundant in your region. If there's a cornfield nearby, why would a deer want to visit your tiny corn plot if they can feast all day elsewhere? That's why you need to plan ahead before you simply grab some seeds and start planting. The more you do your research, the more likely your plot will be your success.

Also, it's important to understand that your plot shouldn't be near a road. Vehicles tend to scare off animals, so keep it away from a road if possible. Another thing to consider is to keep your deer food plot away from an area that is prone to floods. A flood can render your hard work useless, so make sure your plot will remain safe after a severe storm.

Considering the information above, adding the right type of plants can make your plot incredibly popular among deer. Thankfully, Elk Mound Seed can provide you with more information regarding deer feeding plots and so much more. Browse through our selection to find the right seed to plant! 

by David Harden