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No Smooth Bromegrass? Now What!?

No Smooth Bromegrass?  Now What!?


With a near-total crop failure with Smooth Bromegrass, the team at Elk Mound Seed has been bombarded with questions on which varieties for forage grasses are viable substitutions for a long-time favorite. Despite the bad news, Elk Mound Seed has managed to procure a very limited supply of Smooth Brome and we've also got supply of Meadow Brome, an extremely suitable substitution. Meadow brome shares many of the favored qualities of Smooth Brome, with added palatability and more timely maturity when planted with alfalfa.

Smooth Bromegrass vs. Meadow Bromegrass

  • They’re both going to be very comparable when considering forage quality
  • Meadow brome will have quicker regrowth and will be more comparable to alfalfa in maturity
  • Meadow brome will establish a little more slowly than smooth brome
  • Meadow brome will not spread as aggressively as smooth brome; less likely to overtake an alfalfa stand
  • Meadow brome is slightly less winter-hardy. Smooth brome is extremely winter-hardy, so this shouldn’t be a major concern

While we don't like sharing bad news about seed shortages, we're proud to be able to provide several other quality substitutions for any forage needs. 

If you've got any in-depth questions and would like to speak with a qualified, experienced professional, call the experts at Elk Mound Seed at 715-879-5556  

"Establishing Roots, Building Relationships"

by David Harden