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Does Using Sized Corn Seed Improve Yields?

Does Using Sized Corn Seed Improve Yields?


Are you wondering if all that talk of ordering a particular size of seed corn has anything to do with a farm's ability to see significant profits? At Elk Mound Seed, we do offer the chance to order sized seed, keep this in mind for next year's crop. Read on to learn more about seed corn and how sizing affects your yields.

What is Sized Corn Seed?

The size and shape of seed corn is determined by where each kernel grows on the ear of corn. Small and round seeds are grown at the tip of the ear, while large and flat units grow at the base of the ear. When you order and plant a specific seed size, you are planting seeds from a variety of sources that all meet the same size requirement determined by the sorting machine at the processing plant. It became popular as planting equipment became automated, and uniform seeds helped to attain the proper density of seeds during planting.

Does it Really Improve Crop Yields?

The ability of any seed to germinate and produce a hearty stalk with healthy ears of corn is determined by the health of its parent stalk and ear—not its shape. Your sized seed mix may include small, round seeds from both robust and stressed crops. Not every seed in the batch will produce an equally healthy stalk of corn. However, your planter will put down a more uniform layer without over or under-seeding, which is a significant determining factor in the overall success of your field. Using sized seed does see a more consistent yield compared to mixed sized seed.

Adjusting Your Planter will Improve Performance

If your preferred size of seed is not available for your planting period, you can still harvest an excellent crop by adjusting your planter to meet the average size of the seed supplied. Large flat kernels, medium round, or small and flat kernels from a single source will all germinate and grow at the same speed. It is the genetics of the hybrid of seed used that will have a greater impact on your overall yield and should always be your primary determining factor when shopping for seed.

Order Your Seed Today

At Elk Mound Seed, we carry a large variety of seed corn options including conventional varieties, Pilgrim varieties, silage-specific varieties, open pollinated, and even organic. You can browse through our large selection of seed corn, and now, you can purchase online! 

by David Harden